Dilemma of the Anima

By Luck Wont Save You

Dilemma of the Anima

Release Date: 06/15/2018

Album Description

Dilemma of the Anima EP by Luck Wont Save You was released on June 15th, 2018. The album’s concept focuses on humankind’s inability to take possession of the damage and corruption it causes to itself and the planet. Typical of Luck Wont Save You’s style, this EP focuses on progressive writing and a dichotomy of melodic and dissonant sections.

The album also contains some amazing guest vocals and guitar solos from some prominent members of the metal community.

Album Credits

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Russell Eck at 8 Bit Recording Studio
Drums performed by Jared Klein – Rivers of Nihil, Flub, The Undying, and Grindfeld
All other instruments and vocals performed by Russell Eck
Music written by Russell Eck
All by Russell Eck

Guest guitar solo on “Allegory of the Forest” 4:38-5:11 by Bobby Carroll of Cyborg Octopus and Raiju
Guest vocals on “Allegory of the Forest” 2:05-2:40 by Jake Vancil of Dethrone the Sovereign
Guest guitar solo on “Kings and Cretins” 1:38-2:18 by Cris Portugal of Arkaik and Enslave The Creation
Guest guitar solo on “Virtue – Exit Stage Right” 4:00-4:40 by Stanley Neill of Preacher
Guest vocals on “Virtue – Exit Stage Right” 3:08-4:00 by Chelsea Walburg
Guest piano/keys on “Anomaly_Contagion_Memory” Intro and 3:50-4:50 by Jake Laskowski of Dethrone the Sovereign