Luck Wont Save You

By Luck Wont Save You

Luck Wont Save You

Release Date: 02/01/2017

  1. Loquacious_Rapacious
  2. So Meaningless
  3. Alone In Reverie
  4. Stompdown To A Breakup (Feat. Travis Bartosek)
  5. Unforgivable
  6. A Generations Depature (Interlude)
  7. Doves Will Cry (Feat. Olas Gardner of Forsythia)
  8. How Our World Is Destroyed (Feat. Michael Alvarez of Flub)
  9. Allegiance of Hypocrisy
  10. Waiting... The Anticipation Game (Feat. Bobby Carroll of Cyborg Octopus and Raiju)
  11. Tales Of A Pathological Falsifier
  12. Salt Of The Catechism (Feat. Thomas Vasquez of WRVTH)
  13. Verminous Fabrication (Feat. Stanley Neill)
Album art for Luck Wont Save You by Luck Wont Save You.

Album Description

This self-titled full-length album was released on February 1st, 2017. This album is a complete re-recording and re-master of the original full-length album released in 2010 with minor structure changes throughout. The album also includes three new songs, an interlude, and a re-release of “So Meaningless” which was on our very first demo.

The album also contains some amazing guest vocals and guitar solos from some prominent members of the metal community.

Album Credits

Recorded, Produced, Engineered, and Mastered by Russell Eck
Drums performed by Jared Klein – Rivers of Nihil, Flub, The Undying, and Grindfeld
All other instruments and vocals performed by Russell Eck
Solos performed by Aaron Hall
Music written by Russell Eck and Aaron Hall
Artwork by Russell Eck

Guest vocals on “Stompdown to a Breakup” by Travis Bartosek
Guest vocals on “Salt of the Catechism” by Thomas Vasquez from WRVTH
Guest vocals on “How Our World Is Destroyed” by Michael Alvarez from FLUB
Guest solo on “Verminous Fabrication” by Stanley Neill
Guest solo on “Waiting… The Anticipation Game” by Bobby Carroll from Cyborg Octopus and Raiju
Guest solo on “Doves Will Cry” by Olas Gardner from Forsythia