Sail Into The Abyss

By Luck Wont Save You

Sail Into The Abyss

Release Date: 08/01/2020

  1. Constellation Of Demarcation
  2. Exorcise To Exercise
  3. I, Abomination
  4. Hunting Season
  5. Interlude
  6. Sail Into The Abyss
  7. Constellation Of Demarcation (Instrumental Version)
  8. Exorcise To Exercise (Instrumental Version)
  9. I, Abomination (Instrumental Version)
  10. Hunting Season (Instrumental Version)
  11. Interlude (Instrumental Version)
  12. Sail Into The Abyss (Instrumental Version)
Album art for Sail Into The Abyss by Luck Wont Save You.

Album Description

Sail Into The Abyss by Luck Wont Save You released on August 1st, 2020. The album’s concept focuses on the social injustices plaguing our world and the animalistic interactions of humans.

Typical of Luck Wont Save You’s style, this EP focuses on progressive writing and a dichotomy of melodic and dissonant sections.

The album also contains fantastic guest vocals and guitar solos from prominent metal community members.

The album contains both standard and instrumental versions of every song.

Album Credits

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Russell Eck at 8 Bit Recording Studio
Drums performed by Jared Klein – Rivers of Nihil, Flub, The Undying, and Grindfeld
Vocals by Jared Klein on “I, Abomination” at 2:10-2:20 and “Sail Into The Abyss” at 3:33-3:54
All other instruments and vocals performed by Russell Eck
Music written by Russell Eck
Artwork by Gretchen Weitemier and Russell Eck

Guest guitar solo on “Constellation of Demarcation ” at 1:17-1:40 and 3:50-4:15 and “Sail Into The Abyss” at 4:35-5:10 by Eli Slamang of Blackwater Burial
Guest guitar solo on “Exorcise To Exercise” throughout the song and “Sail Into The Abyss” at 3:54-4:10 by Stanley Neill of Preacher
Gust vocals on “Exorcise To Exercise” at 2:30-2:41 and 6:01-6:18 by Ethan Lane formerly of The Jet Stole Home
Guest guitar solo on “I, Abomination” at 2:36-3:04 by Brody Uttley of Rivers Of Nihil
Guest guitar solo on “I, Abomination” at 3:57-4:22 by Xavier Wallace
Guest vocals on “Hunting Season” at 2:03-3:02 by Michael Alvarez of FLUB
Guest guitar solo on “Hunting Season” at 3:55-4:16 by Cris Portugal of Arkaik and Enslave The Creation
Guest vocals on “Sail Into The Abyss” at 1:05-1:22 by Luke Nagy of Inaniment
Guest vocals on “Sail Into The Abyss” at 2:02-2:58 by Chelsea Walburg