The Aesthetics of Dreams (Remastered)

By Luck Wont Save You

The Aesthetics of Dreams (Remastered)

Release Date: 08/09/2019

  1. The Aesthetics of Dreams
  2. Muder In The Night
  3. These Dead Stars
  4. Conceptions Grazing The Psyche
  5. A Beauty Never Before Seen
Album art for The Aesthetics Of Dreams Remastered by Luck Wont Save You.

Album Description

The Aesthetics of Dreams EP was released in 2015 and was Luck Wont Save You’s first new album since their initial breakup in 2010. This album is a remix/reissue of The Aesthetics of Dreams EP.

The Aesthetics of Dreams is a concept album driven by our dreams and nightmares that make up our psyche. An inevitable occurrence of our daily lives when we fall asleep and the contemplation of whether or not they are benign or have a deeper meaning in our existence.

Album Credits

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Russell Eck at 8 Bit Recording Studio
Drums performed by Jared Klein – Rivers of Nihil, Flub, The Undying, and Grindfeld
All other instruments and vocals performed by Russell Eck
Music written by Russell Eck
“Murder In The Night” written by Russell Eck & Aaron Hall
Artwork by Russell Eck

Guest guitar solo on “The Aesthetics of Dreams” and “Murder In The Night” by Nick Gardner of Forsythia
Guest vocals on “A Beauty Never Before Seen” by Jake Kangas